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How to write an Informal Letter or Friendly Letter or Personal Letter

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a letter as “a written message from one person to another, usually put in an envelope and send by post”. Letters are probably the most widely used form of interpersonal written communication. They have been one of the most intimate, as well as expressive forms of human communication.
          Informal Letters are also known as personal / friendly / social letters; these are letters written to friends or relatives.  They are written with the purpose of sharing information or news, and also with the purpose of expressing one’s views and opinions.  Before the advent of the telephone and the electronic media, this was the letter form that was mostly used.

Informal Letter: What?

  • Written to Friends/Relatives
  • Written to someone with whom you have a non-professional relationship with
  • In a Personal Fashion
  • Friendly Tone
  • Not to Business Partners

 Informal Letter: Points to Remember:

  • Person to Whom it is Addressed
  • Format of Letter
  • Punctuations
  • Way of Addressing
  • Completeness of Message
  • Style of Writing
  • Way of Concluding

 Parts of an Informal Letter or Friendly Letter:

The essential parts and details that need to be included in an informal letter are the following:

• Address of the sender: Your personal Address should be located at the top left corner of the page.
       Sur name, last name         : John Paul
       Street name & No.             : 21 Nehru Road
       Postal code, city                : NP 194 Chennai
       State or Province               : Tamil Nadu
       Country                                : India
• Date: The date is usually located below your own address.  Simply leave one-line space after the address.
          English Format    :    22 November, 2011
          American Format : November 22, 2011
• Salutation: Salutation in a very close or friendly manner. (put a comma after it)
     e.g.: Hi John, / Dear John, / Dear Mr. John, / Hello John, / Hi buddy, / Dear friend,
• Opening Sentence: Your opening should be casual or simple.
     e.g.: - 
          ➤ How are you? Hope you are keeping fine…
          ➤ How have you been? How are you?
          ➤ I hope you are doing well.
          ➤ How have you been?
          ➤ I got your letter last week.
          ➤ How are the kids?
• Body: Should be brief, clear and not exceed 150 words.
     1st Paragraph    : Opening Sentence and the reason for writing
     2nd Paragraph   : Expand the first paragraph
     3rd Paragraph   : Conclude your letter well

• Ending:
          ➤ See you soon.
          ➤ Convey my regards to…
          ➤ Send my love to...
          ➤ I am looking forward to seeing you.
          ➤ Write to me soon.
          ➤ I can’t wait to hear from you.
          ➤ waiting to see you…
          ➤ Giving my regards to…
• Complementary close (Do not forget to put a comma after the complementary close):
          ➤ With love,
          ➤ Best wishes,
          ➤ Kind regards,
          ➤ Love,
          ➤ Lots of love,
          ➤ Yours lovingly,
          ➤ With lots of love,
• Signature and name

Format of an Informal or Friendly Letter:
Informal Letter: Example

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