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How to Write A Film Review

A good film review is an analysis of a film that should appreciate the work of art and entertain the reader by giving what to be expected in the film without giving away the plot of the movie. Technically it is a critical appreciation just like what we do for poems and stories in our schooldays. A movie review should persuade the reader to watch a good movie or make him cautious about what not to be expected from the Cinema. Whether the subject of critique is a good film or a bad one, the reviewer should not attack the film in a didactic manner. The review should be a presentation of subjective opinions on the movie, keeping in mind the general trends and aesthetics of the moviegoers.

Although a movie review may not adhere to certain rules for its structure, a review needs a structural integrity in order to please the readers. We discuss what can be the steps to be taken to draft a good movie review.

The prerequisite for writing a movie review is to watch the movie. While watching the movie it would be a good idea to note down the twists and turns and important dialogues that you feel would help you writing the review. You may also refer to the internet or other sources to get to know about the movie's background and about the cast and crew and their earlier ventures.

Drafting the Film Review


The first paragraph should introduce the film and its cast and crew (director, producer and lead actors). There should be a mention about the genre of the movie and its sequels or prequels (if any). The basic information about the movie needs to be shared in this space. It will be good to restrict the paragraph to less than five or six sentences.

 Main Content

It is not a bad idea to give the basic idea about the plot the of the movie. But it should be only an outline of the plot. The crucial twists and turns should not be disclosed and the surprise elements and characters should also not be given away in the review. There should be hints about important characters, setting and the theme of the movie. The names of director, script writer, musician, actors etc. can also be mentioned if needed. The technical side of the movie including the performances, direction, production value, music, computer graphics etc. can be evaluated in the review. The reviewer has the freedom to make a commentary about the movie and present his own opinions. He can criticize the various aspects of the movie but it is not fair to attack the movie in a didactic manner. The reviewer should keep in mind that the moviegoers have different concepts of a good movie and hence the critique should be based on the general aesthetics of the audience. The reviewer can judge the movie in a fair manner expressing his like or dislike for the movie. The main content of the movie review can be extended upto two or three paragraphs.


The concluding paragraph can describe the merits and the demerits of the movie. The reviewer can express how the movie affected him or whether it was a boring or an interesting one for him. He can recommend the reader to watch the movie citing what are to be expected and what not. The ideal conclusion should be restricted to a single paragraph. You can optionally add a 10-star or 5-star rating with your review.


  Review: Interstellar is an Epic of the Science Fiction Genre

Christopher Nolan who always gave us over the top films likeInception and The Batman Series is back with his new film Interstellar. Interstellar is a science fiction movie that has a universal theme and a very sincere narrative. The film stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain in lead roles. Interstellar is inspired from a work by Jonathan Nolan, the brother of Christopher Nolan, who jointly scripted the movie with Christopher.

Interstellar opens up with Cooper, a former pilot and astronaut, and a widower, living with his two children. Cooper runs a farm. His ten-year-old daughter, Murphy, finds something called by her "a ghost" in her book shelves trying to communicate with her. Cooper trace the coordinates of the ghost and he reaches a secret NASA station. Cooper finds his old professor there who urges him to take charge of an interstellar mission to a black hole near Saturn in order to find potentially habitable planets to save the population of earth which is on the verge of extinction. Cooper joins the mission and the progress of their mission and whether Cooper returns to Murphy form the crux of the story.

The movie is a scientifically accurate presentation of many concepts along with the portrayal of the basic human passions. The father-daughter relationship between Cooper and Murphy stands in the middle of the movie. The longing for the father and the desperation of separation are nicely woven into the movie. Also there is the love between Amelia (a co-pilot of Cooper in the mission) and a lost scientist named Edmunds. Their love results in Cooper and Amelia delivering their own philosophies on love.

Interstellar is a visionary movie that has a universal theme. Nolan handles a sensational subject of earth being on the verge of extinction due to drought and the human urge to find new home. At the same time the movie has the truthful portrayal of human emotions which were lack in the run of the mill science fiction movies.

The performances are praiseworthy and all the actors leaves their mark in the movie. The lead actor Matthew McConaughey gives the best of his career and is exceptional as Cooper. Anne Hathaway is cool and efficient as the no-nonsense pilot. Jessica Chastain dies a commendable job as the matured Murphy.

The script written by the Nolan brothers is the driving force of the movies. The background music is so suitable for the narrative. The cinematography has an integral role in the movie. Whether it’s the dusty yard of the Cooper household or the icy land of the unknown planet, the visuals are very beautiful and picturesque. The video graphics are astonishing and may be the finest ever work in Hollywood.

The movie is about 170 minutes long and Nolan has given a slow paced narration which is not familiar in science fiction movies. But the movie engages the audience throughout. While Nolan depicts the two-year journey to Saturn in a few seconds, he gives the chitchats of the astronauts the time it deserves. He is the artist and Interstellar is his magnum opus.

Interstellar is undoubtedly the epic among the science fiction for its theme and the unique narration which differs out from other movies. The movie is sure to win a cult status among the film lovers. Interstellar is a must watch movie indeed.

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