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Vagbhatanandan - PSC - Kerala Renaissance - Online Study Material


  • Born on 27th April 1885.
  • Vayaleri Tharavadu, Patyam Village in Kannur District.
  • Parents - Koran Gurukkal and Cheeru Amma.
  • Met Sree Narayana Guru at Adwaita Aasramam in Aluva in 1914.
  • Also known as V K Gurukkal and Vayaleri Kunjikkannan Gurukkal.
  • Was known as Kunjikkannan in childhood.
  • Was given the name Vaagfadaanandan by Brahmaananda Siva Yogi.
  • Called as Narayana Guru of Malabar.
  • Founded the bank named "Aikya Naanaya Sangham".
  • Worked for Liquor Prohibition.
  • He considered Rajaram Mohan Roy as a model for social work.
  • He promoted Nirgunopasana, the worship without idols.
  • Was known as Balaguru.
  • He stated that Caste system is against the principles of Hinduism.
  • He founded Aathmavidyaa Sangham in 1917.
  • Abhinava Keralam (started in 1921) was the magazine of Aathmavidyaa Sangham.
  • Aathmavidyaa Sangham was mainly centred in Malabar region of Kerala.
  • Vaagfadaanandan's poem Swathanthra Chinthaamani was published in 1921.
  • In 1929, he started the magazine, Aathma Vidyaa Kaahalam.
  • The first editor of Aathma Vidyaa Kaahalam was C. P. Raman.
  • He started the magazine Sivayogavilasam in 1914 and and Yajamaanan in 1939.
  • He established the Ooraalunkal Labour Contract Co-operative Society which later became India;s largest labour contract society.
  • He founded the Sanskrit School, Thatwaprakaashika in Kaarapparambu in Kozhikode.
  • He founded Rajayogaananda Kaumudi Library in Kallayi, Kozhikode in 1911.
  • He conducted Mishrabhojanam and Preethibhojanam (in 1927).
  • His works were Gandhijiyum Shaasthra Vyaakhyaanavum, Mangala Shlokangal, Aathma Vidya, Praarthana Manjari, Aadhyaathma Yudham and Aathmavidhyaa Lekhamala.
  • He died on 30th March, 1930.

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