Friday, September 8, 2017

Poykayil Yohannan - PSC - Kerala Renaissance - Online Study Material

  • He was born on 17th February 1879
  • Died on 1939 June 29
  • Born in Iraviperoor in Pathanamthitta district.
  • Was known as Komaran in his childhood.
  • Founded Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha(PRDS) in 1909.
  • PRDS is headquartered in Iraviperoor.
  • Amarakkunnu and Udiyankulangara are the sub centres of PRDS.
  • He was called as Kumaragurudevan
  • He worked as a member of Sadhujana paripalana sangam founded by Ayyan Kali.
  • He founded the First English medium school for the Untouchables in Travancore.
  • Adi Lahala is a famous protest headed by Poykayil Yohannan.
  • He burnt Bible protesting against the discrimination in the Christianity - It is known as Vaakathaanam Lahala.
  • He proposed the idea of the Dravida Dalit.
  • Other famous protests by him are Mundakkayam Lahala, Kozhukkumchira Lahala, Mangalam Lahala and Vellanadi Lahala.
  • Rathnamanikal is the title of his Poetry Collection.
  • He is also known as Pulayan Mathhayi and Poykayil Appachan.
  • In 1921 and 1932, he was elected a member in the Sree Moolam Praja Sabha.
  • The book 'Poykayil Yohannan' is written by M R Renukumar.
  • V V Shaantha Kumar's "Mannikkale Maanikyam" is a play about Poykayil Yohannan.

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