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Vaikunda Swami - PSC - Kerala Renaissance - Online Study Material

Vaikunda Swami

  • Born on 12 March 1809 in Swamithoppu, Nagarcoil. 
  • Father – Ponnu Nadar
  • Mother – Veyilalamma
  • Wife – Thirumalammal
  • His earlist name was Mudichoodum perummal. But the upper caste Hindus objected to change this name and his parents changed it into Muthukutty
  • He himself changed his name as Vaikunda Swamikal.
  • He presented himself as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
  • Founded an organization for the equality of human beings known as Samathwa Samajam in 1936
  • He was the first social reformer who made the mirror consecration in South India. 
  • He was the leader of Upper Cloth Revolt or Channar Revolt.
  • Gave a petition to Swathi Thirunnal to abolish the feudal system. 
  • Raised the slogan “Wage for Work”.
  • Challenged the unjustified rule of the king of Travancore. 
  • He called the Travancore king as “Ananthapuri Devil”, the british rule as “rule of white devils” and Travancore rule as “rule of black devils”.
  • In 1838 vaikundaswami was arrested by Swathi Thirunnal, Travancore king and imprisoned at Singarathoppu jail. He was released after 110 days. 
  • His famous words : “Jathi onrai, matham onrai, daivam onrai, ulakam onrai, neethi onrai”
  • Akhilathirutt and Arulnool are his famous works. 
  • His spiritual thoughts turned into a new way of life – Ayya Vazhi.
  • Temples of Ayya Vazhi - Pathikal
  • Sacred place of Ayya Vazhi - Dachanam, Thiruchenthoor
  • Died on 3 June 1851.

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