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LATEST GK And Current Affairs Questions In Malayalam - November

LATEST GK And Current Affairs Questions In Malayalam

LATEST GK and Current Affairs Questions in Malayalam - November for Kerala PSC Exams incuding Village Field Assistant, Male Warden, Company Assistant etc.

  • Who inagurated the first All India Institute of Ayurveda in India? 
Narendra Modi

    • Which state of India started 'Mukhyamanthri Samoohik Vivaha Yojana'?  
    Uttar Pradesh

      • Who bagged the Wayalar Award in 2017?
      T.D. Ramakrishnan

      • Who won the Vallathol Award in 2017?
      Prabha Verma

      • The new C.E.O. of Post Payment Bank of India?
      Suresh Sethi

      • Who got the 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature?

      Kasuvo Ishiguro

      • Venue of INDRA 2017. the Indo Russian Joint Army Exhibition?


      • Who won the Man Booker Prize 2017?
      George Sanders

      • The New Chairman of SBI?
      Rajnish Kumar

      • The environmental T.V. channel that Doordarshan plans to launch in the year 2018?

      D.D. Prakriti

      • Who wrote the book 'Ormakalude Bhramanapatham'?

      Nambi Narayanan

      • The State that declared independence form Spain?


      • Which nation founded the Brass Statue of Mahatma Gandhi?


      • Which nation was first visited by Ram Nath Kovind as the Indian President?


      • Which Indian is included in the probability list of 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics?

      Raghuram Rajan

      • The State that banned Burkha of Muslim Women?


      • Which Indian state passed the rule that prohibits giving fuel to two wheelers without helmet ?

      Andhra Pradesh

      • The FIFA 2017 Champions?


      • The first ISO certified HighTech Village Office in India?

      Kavanoor (Malappuram)

      • The first country to give citizenship to a Robot?

      Saudi Arabia

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