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How to Prepare for University Assistant Exam

How to prepare for University Assistant Exam

The first thing you have to do is

Understand The Syllabus Thoroughly

Download University Assistant Syllabus

Materials Required:

  • Rank File 
  • Previous Question Papers
  • Current Affairs Magazines
You can buy any Rank File published by PSC coaching institutions for University Assistant Exam.
You should collect the previous question papers of degree level exams such as University Assistant, Secretariat Assistant, Company/Board/Corporation Assistant and so on.

Click here to download Secretariat Assistant Previous Question Papers

Click here to download Company/Board/Corporation Assistant Previous Question Papers

Click here to download Company/Corporation/ Assistant 2018 Solved Question Paper

Make A Time Table

Make the time table as per the time you have. Divide the syllabus in accordance with the total available days. You should find time to read the topics, revision and practicing question papers. Give equal importance to all subjects. Find more time to study the portions that are difficult for you. Dont lose any mark from the portions that are easy for you.

How To Read Rank File?

Imagine you are going to study the districts of Kerala at first. First day you read Thiruvananthapuram. Second day you take a piece of paper and hide the answers and try to recollect it. You write in a notebook the things you cannot recollect. And read Kollam. On third day you try to recollects the facts in your notebook and facts about Kollam from the rank file and jot down the forgotten things. On seventh day you should revise the portions by  hiding the answers and trying to recollect it.
Like this cover all the portions. 
Revise again and again in particular intervals. 
  • Memorise long topics as stories or songs.
  • Make your own codes.

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