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University Assistant Answer Key Challenge

University Assistant Answer Key Challenge

University Assistant Answer Key Complaints 

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Question paper code-A

Qstn no 43. Oudh kisan sabha was organized by jawaharlal nehru, baba ramdas & others.
So option, a & b both  are correct
Reference: Ncert class 10 history textbook,chapter 3, page no :59
2nd paragraph,13 th stanza

Qstn no 44. 
Swaraj flag was designed by gandhiji during 1921..but it was not at the time of swadeshi movement.
Proof: Ncert class 10 history text book, chapter 3, page no: 72

Qstn no 55.
There are 2 answers
Both option a.NRY & option d.SJSRY are introduced to reduce urban poverty.
Reference: NRY ,

Question no.72

Underlined word is referee,
Answer is not in any of the options given.

Question no.84  

Type in english..ആജാനുബാഹു
And ആജാനബാഹു are different.
1.  LD Clerk kannada and malayalam Knowing
paper code 105/2016 date of test (26.08.2016)
67th Question Code A
2.PSC bulletin
PSC bulletin 2018 february 15th(vol 29 edition 12)
page no 22 (2nd columun and 14th from bottom)

Question no.92

Option C is correct
Registers are part of primary memory and registers are volatile

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